Moving Ahead Under Time Pressure

Dear Friends of Diospi Suyana,

Today is the first of June and we are getting closer to the inauguration on August 31. Time is flying by for everybody on the construction site since we still have lots of work ahead and are constantly facing new challenges (big and small).

The last three days we had to deal with an inspection and inventory check of all our imported technical equipment. Since everything was still packed up and stored in a warehouse, it took quite a bit of work to satisfy the three inspectors sent from the Peruvian DIGIEM agency in Lima.

Our new carpenter Burkhard Jochum has started work on the construction site. He is busy building the kitchen interiors for the community room and is using the wood from container boxes to make beautiful shelves for the various storage rooms of the hospital.

The exterior appearance of the hospital has also changed. It is no longer concrete grey but bright white.

Today, we are expecting the first major tile delivery. And if everything works out, we can start to tile the emergency ward unit.

The beam construction for the roof of the amphitheater is also progressing, and maybe we can even start to raise the structure this week.

Besides the above, we are busy digging trenches, laying pipes, working on the sewage treatment site and the emergency ward.

With greetings from the construction site, Udo

Ein Run auf Arbeitsplätze bei Diospi Suyana


Fast 300 Bewerbungen sind eingegangen

Eine junge Dame gibt an der Tür ihre Bewerbung ab Über 200 Bewerbungen auf dem Tisch der Georges

Die Einweihung des Hospitals Diospi Suyana ist für den 31. August vorgesehen. Nach einer gewissen Vorbereitungsphase soll der Betrieb des Krankenhauses etwa 4 Wochen später beginnen.


Tag für Tag klopft es an der Tür der Familie John in Curahuasi und bei den Georges in Abancay. Langfristig will Diospi Suyana 35 Peruanern einen Arbeitsplatz bieten. Damit wird das Krankenhaus zu einem wichtigen Arbeitgeber der Region.

Everybody Is Applying For A Job At Diospi Suyana June 1, 2007 Almost 300 applications for hospital jobs

A young woman handing off her application Over 200 applications on the George family’s table

The hospital inauguration is planned for August 31. After a 4-week preparation phase, the hospital will start to be fully operational.

Day after day, people knock on the doors of the John family’s house in Curahuasi or the George’s house in Abancay. Eventually, Diospi Suyana will provide jobs for 35 Peruvians, turning the hospital into an important employer within the region.

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