Monday 9:50p.m. on Bibel TV – speaking about Diospi Suyana

Drawing from a never-ending pool of stories

Objectively speaking a time frame of 25 minutes is better than 24 minutes, but still far too short in order to delve in true meaning of Diospi Suyana.  Once again moderator Wolfgang Severin tickles several interesting anecdotes out of the missionary doctor.  But, irrespective of how one looks at it, the message is clear: without God’s help our work in Peru would never have come into existence.

The non-denominational community broadcaster Bibel TV left its niche-existence a long time ago.  With roughly 0.25mio daily viewers the scope of action of the TV-Channel based in Hamburg has grown enormously over the past few years.  Back in 2001 Norman Rentrop took the initiative of founding the Christian broadcaster.  One year later, in 2002, the constitutional founding event of Diospi Suyana took place.

The interview will be broadcast tonight at 9:50p.m. and tomorrow, Tuesday, at 11:30 a.m..

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