In the middle of nowhere


Building engineer Udo Klemenz organises a safari

Dear Friends of Diospi Suyana, in 2016’s final week we have opened a new building site, to keep us out of mischief: foundation work for the 30m high aerial tower, erecting a 3 metre high boundary wall around the 100m² site and building a suitable house for the compound, which will contain all the necessary technical equipment.

Our site is located in the middle of nowhere; it was challenging to find even an access possibility, especially since the farmers have started planting their fields.  The large-landowner, from whom we bought the site, kindly came to our assistance.

In the meantime we have started the excavation work by hand, built a small guard house and have brought the first materials on site.  How the work progresses will depend very much on the weather, since the “access-road” is impassable after heavy rain.

The installation of the fire safety boards above the consulta has had to be put on hold due to staff shortage.  We have started applying the screed in the first stage of construction.  The subcontractor continues to put the door frames in place, which we then grout.

I wish all of you a blessed and successful New Year 2017.  Until next year, with regards from Curahuasi, Udo

Oebele de Haan has Africa-driving-experience.
Concrete aggregates are being brought on site.
The final metres were somewhat tricky.
An earthmover takes care of the rough planning.
First excavation works in rocky subsoil.
Grouting the door frames.
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