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What paper do you use for your Marijuana-cigarette?

Be careful that you choose carefully!

Eight years ago Marco Acuña searched for fine paper in order to roll his Marijuana-cigarettes.  He began searching in his parents’ house and, lo and behold, he found a book with thin pages on a shelf.  “This is what I’ve been looking for, perfect!” the drug addict said to himself before he tore out the first page.

While rolling, his eyes start reading the text written on this page.  “In the beginning, God created the heavens and the earth”.  “Interesting,” muses Marco and continues reading.  The Peruvian had no idea that the contents of this book would be hotter than any cigarette he had ever held in his hands.  He had devoured the 1,200 pages within a couple of weeks.  What was striking that after a while he started reading the stories with a deep desire.

Today the young man works as Diospi Suyana’s travelling pastor.  Marco spends roughly 250 days of the year in the mountains, covering an area the size of former Western Germany, having countless conversations in private mud huts or churches.  For the former ex-junkie such a life is not the norm.  On his journeys he speaks to people about the God who can change anyone’s life.

In case you want to DIY your own Marijuana-cigarettes, I recommend you use Biblical paper.  But, the same thing could happen to you that happened to Marco.  And who knows what you would then do as a Christian in order to tell others that there is a hope and a meaning of life for all of us.