Medicine From Sandoz Pass Customs

Dear Dr John.

Per you current news section online, the hospital will open its doors

in the next few days. Hopefully, you won’t have to wait too long for

the remaining outstanding licenses.

As requested, I am sending you a photo of the medicine being handed

over to the shipping company. In the picture you can see some of my

colleagues, who participated in the preparations (logistics, storage,

administration, etc.) I hope, the pharmaceuticals reached you

undamaged and without causing major problems when passing customs.

As mentioned before, the Sandoz company would like to continue

supplying your hospital with pharmaceuticals. I am assuming that,

after the hospital has started operations, you will be able to assess

the exact amount needed. Please let us know what and how much will be

needed so we can make new plans for the near future.

All the best for the hospital operation start,

Karoline Hochkogler

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