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Radio Diospi Suyana

May I introduce you to our “Junta Directiva”

A concentrated charge of expertise

Every six weeks the hour of the “Junta Directiva” strikes.  The departmental heads meet around the black table and talk – sometimes until early the next morning.  Everyone is given a chance to speak and everyone has something to say.  Water, tea and coffee is provided.

(from left to right)

Dr Jens Haßfeld: the gynaecologist moved to Curahuasi 12 years ago.  He was also present for the first breaking of the ground back in May 2005.  Thus he is a pioneer of the first hour.  Hailing from Baden Württemberg Jens is deputy hospital head and part of the field management team.

Damaris Haßfeld: for three years now the mother of four is in charge of the growing contingent of nurses.  Somehow her days have more than 24 hours.

Dr Martina John: founder of Diospi Suyana, co-director of the hospital and head of the missionary station.  Born in Wiesbaden, Martina is a passionate paediatrician.

Dr Klaus-Dieter John: founder of Diospi Suyana, director of the hospital and head of the missionary station.  The German-Peruvian is often on the go.

Dr Thomas Tielmann: the vascular surgeon with the steady hand and the good eye has a long-term vision for the Hospital Diospi Suyana.  He recently became part of our field management team.

Steven de Jager: administrative head of all facilities.  The Dutchman keeps the overview and avoids red figures.

Oebele de Haan: as head of our workshops he takes part in many building activities and repair works.  He also has a Dutch passport.  He speaks four languages, constantly has good ideas and works exceptionally hard.

If there are any matters relating to the school on the agenda, head of school, Christian Bigalke is present at our meetings.  Yesterday, however, only matters relating to the hospital were discussed.  We start and end each meeting with a  prayer.