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Radio Diospi Suyana

May I ask you a question?

A conversation in passing

The patients fill the church sanctuary; the band has just started playing the first song.  I head into the waiting room and invite some of those sitting there to join us.

“May I ask you a question?” asks a lady, who, judging by her appearance, belongs to the middle class and is suddenly standing next to me.  I know these types of questions too well.  Since we do not have enough “coupons” (tickets) for the many people seeking help, I know that the lady will ask me immediately for a doctor’s appointment.

She begins: “I live in Puerto Maldonado…“- immediately I interrupt the lady – today I am not my patient usual self – :”Most of our patients have travelled several hours to Curahuasi!”  I want to steal her thunder, since I want to avoid a long discussion.

“This hospital here is unique,” the patient comes to the core of her question: “I own a large property in Puerto Maldonado, which I would willingly give you, if you built a second Hospital Diospi Suyana!”

I can fully understand her request – we receive such requests almost every month.  “Unfortunately a second hospital is beyond our possibilities,” I answer decisively and shake my head.

The second song is nearly over, a heartfelt applause rises up and Pastor Santos goes up to the pulpit… /KDJ

The hospital church, an unpretentious yet sublime place.