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Markus Klatt and Cesar Martel were given Löwenstein’s brown-and-white Lion

As a recognition of their work

Ten appliances made by the company Löwenstein for mask-ventilation are available and our medical technicians prepared a further ten machines for invasive respiration – i.e. with a tube.  At the end of the training session yesterday morning Markus Klatt and Cesar Martel (both on the left) were given “Löwenstein’s Lion”.  The cuddly toy from the company based in Bad Ems brings joy to both young and old.

A hospital is not only dependent on doctors and nurses, but also on technicians such as these two gentlemen, the kitchen staff and the cleaning staff.  Everyone counts.  In the current pandemic the medical technicians keep the machines and appliances up and running that in turn keep our patients alive.  A cordial “dankeschön”.