Luz Peñafiel – She made history

15 years ago my wife and I got to know Sra. Luz Peñafiel. We had just started our work as missionary physicians in Ecuador. Luz was and still is a remarkable woman. How can we describe her? Her intelligence is not above average, her education rather modest, her financial capabilities minimal.


In 1998 Luz started to visit the patients of the Hospital del Oriente Vozandes. From Monday to Friday she spoke daily with 15 patients. She comforted and encouraged each one. With all she talked about God’s love and their hope of eternal life. Her service ended a few weeks ago when the hospital ceased its operation.


In 15 years, Luz accompanied 50,000 people in their darkest hours. Even if the newspapers never wrote about it, tens of thousands will remember her forever.


I am sure that world history will be rewritten in heaven. Famous heroes can  then be exposed as villains because of their ulterior motives. But countless nameless will shine like the stars. The name "Luz" by the way means light. And she was really a light for as many people as  would fit into a large football stadium. /KDJ

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