Looking for solutions

The two-year work term of Dr. Renate Engisch (our radiologist) ended four weeks ago.

The X-ray department is well equipped with a CT scanner, three conventional x-ray machines, and four ultrasound machines. With the last container, we also received a digital unit from the company Agfa.

We are searching for a radiologist…

In Peru, there is a lack of radiologists in the whole country. We will still do our best to find one!

We took several actions:

– A presentation to the president of the Peruvian association of radiologists

– A presentation to the president of the Christian association of doctors in Peru

– Advertisement with the radiological association and the evangelical churches

– A presentation of Diospi Suyana to Christian doctors in Germany

– Advertisements in German magazines

– A search for short-term radiologists in the USA

– Personally contacting radiologists in the USA and Germany

A Pacs-system would be a promising possibility, as it would allow us to send X-ray pictures around the world in only a few minutes.

Dr. John met the representatives of the Agfa company in Lima on Friday. They want to install the donated digital unit in the hospital soon.

The price for a Pacs-System are normally between US$ 50,000 and 100,000. Agfa will offer a system which is worth US$ 15,000 to the world market in the next weeks.

Maybe it is possible that we can have the system for the production price, about half of the world price?

Please pray with us that we will find a good solution. The blood bank, X-ray department, and questions about licensure — all of the negotiations with authorities and companies are difficult. If we wanted to have an easier life, we would have stayed in Germany!

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