Little Girl Injured At Work

Flor Sarita is a young Quechua girl who lives in the mountains. Although she is only nine years old, she has to work. As part of her job she cuts alfalfa with a sickle. The alfalfa used to feed to the guinea pigs that the Quechua Indians raise.

For one second, Flor Sarita doesn’t pay attention; then she screams. The sharp sickle has hit her left index finger. A piece of bone has splintered off and blood covers the ground.

After some detours, Flor Sarita reaches the Diospi Suyana hospital. Surgeon Dr. Hagen Bruder gets to work immediately even though it is late at night. This week, Flor is schedules to start her physical therapy. Of course, our young patient does not have any medical insurance. But that doesn’t matter. The Diospi Suyana hospital helps wherever needed and possible.

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