Last Friday gave us a sigh of relief

We hope for 15 more

A work like Diospi Suyana with several complex fields of work is always confronted with challenges. Bitter letters from the authorities with a threatening undertone arrive in our mailbox with great regularity. These “crises” often frighten us, they do not let us sleep and rob us of courage.

Last Friday, Doris Manco, head of our media center, one of our lawyers and I were sitting in a meeting room at the Ministry of Transport and Communications. We were waiting for a decision regarding our transmission facility in Sicuani, southern Peru. A letter before had announced us a penalty fee. In our opinion, completely wrongly. But civil servants unfortunately often interpret the applicable law completely differently than we do.

Our antenna tower above the town of Sicuani. 120,000 people live there in the catchment area of our radio waves.

Finally, a senior official entered the room and took a seat. Two minutes later, three people – namely us – breathed an audible sigh of relief. The case was archived, i.e. put aside.

Unfortunately, there are 15 more items on my office chalkboard that I’m concerned about. So my to-do list is my prayer list. And every time we get a “win”, our gratitude list gets longer and longer.

The three books on the history of Diospi Suyana are a record of 750 pages of God’s repeated intervention. That is why we never stop praying. Praying makes sense. Praying changes everything. /KDJ (Picture at the top: The ministry from the outside on August 4, 2023).

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