Artist presents his work

Medienzentrum mit Glaesern slider

The conceptual design for the theme “media center” is here

Presumably the media center of Diospi Suyana will be an important aspect of our mission work in the future. The building is simple and functional. The white front will be mixed up by a stained glass window. Architect Alejandro Gallo, who designed the windows of the hospital chapel 9 years ago, is satisfied with his new design and we are as well.

Easily you can recognize the radio waves in the window. But the waves represent as well God’s power, which has been visible so many times in the history of Diospi Suyana. We thank Alejandro Gallo for his work and wish Juvenal Vargas from Curahuasi lots of patience when putting together the countless pieces of stain glass. And of course a special thank you to the company DERIX GLASSTUDIO for the donation of the glas.

Medienzentrum ohne Fenster2
The planed colorful window will be a real bright spot.
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