Small family of 9

Family trip to Peru

The key actors behind the first trip to Australia

Christopher and Sandi Welsh don’t conform to the typical pattern. Early this year Chris Welch, a radio engineer, and his wife, an enthusiastic teacher of her seven children, read a book about Diospi Suyana. As a result, the emails flew in both directions over the Pacific.

The number of phone calls between Peru and Australia increased. These calls weren’t all that easy, because the time zone of the Andes limps behind the time zone of the green continent.

They have arranged most of the appointments for Dr. John as he travels back and forth Australia. They won’t remember all the phone calls they made or the emails they wrote.

Today five events are scheduled for Dr. Klaus John, among them two radio interviews and two presentations. At 6 am sharp, Chris Welch will stand on the doorsteps of the hotel. Then one meeting will chase the next.

The Welchs are a special family with a strong faith and an incredible willingness to serve. Two newspapers in Sydney have already featured this amazing couple and their 7 children. Most likely many more media reports will follow.

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