Church event for the book “Hope in the Andes“

Evento Iglesia carismatica

We fall down and get back up

On this past Saturday, several churches in Lima took part in the elimination contest for the book “Hope in the Andes”. This book from Janet and Geoff Benge from New Zealand, tells the life story of the missionary doctors John and the development of Diopsi Suyana. Divided into age groups, 12 youth gave an oral summary of the contents. In conclusion, they had to answer detailed questions.

At the end, Dr. John spoke with the audience. He said, naturally a modern medical care for the Quechua people in the Andes gives a hopeful message. But meanwhile, the aspect of the hope goes way beyond the work in the hospital. The story of Diospi Suyana points to the reality of God. And God is the answer for our past, present, and future. Our burdens of the past can be shed at the cross of Christ. We can experience the works of God today and for those who trust in him he holds “eternal life” for them in the future.

He emphasized that Christian leaders can be role models for the youth. But everyone is just human. To stress this point he said “We fall down and we get back up again – my wife and I as well. That is why each of us needs the forgiveness of Jesus Christ!”

Evento Iglesia carismatica plenum
An atmosphere like that of a campaign party.
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