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Celebrating the Month of the Child

One can hardly identify which persons lie behind the brilliant clowns’ costumes, which cause almost everyone who sees them to smile.  Over the past few days they have been busy on Curahuasi’s streets inviting children – successfully as the below pictures prove.  The city hall’s cinema auditorium was packed and many were not permitted to even enter, due to fire safety regulations.

This Tuesday the children could enjoy films of the best quality.  On Saturday then they will all be invited to the children’s festival in the Amphitheatre.  No details will be disclosed, only so much: a murder mystery will need to be solved.

A big thank you to the head of the Diospi-Suyana-Children’s-Clubs Gladys Illescas de Hurtado and her team for the excellent preparation and all the hard work they put into it.  For Saturday we can pray for good weather.

The auditorium is filling up.  Many children were not allowed in due to safety reasons.
Gladys Illescas de Hurtado is happy.  Her hard work was worth it: a full house and a fantastic atmosphere.