Just a normal crazy day

As our blood bank is not finished yet we have to get blood from another city.

Dr. Jens Hassfeld and Dr. Tove Hohaus jump into a taxi and drive through the mountains to Abancay in the morning. Maybe they can get three units of blood from the public hospital overthere. Today, Dr. Hassfeld has two operations on his schedule.

At the same time, Dr. John and the photographer Alex Kornhuber visit the mayor of Curahuasi. There is still an important document missing before the paving of the access road can be started.

The meeting with the mayor is at 10:30 AM. As Dr. John enters the mayor’s house, there are three journalists. Alex Kornhuber, Per-Tomas Kjaervik (both photographers) and the writer Eva Luisa del Rio. The mayor wants to send the missing document to the government. Hopefully it finally happens as was promised.

In the X-ray department is a patient who has a baby chicken emerge from her clothing. Neither Petra Höfer nor the rest of the staff are against poultry.

The neighbors of the hospital told us that the Catholic church sold all of the trees from the forest to make money. And that’s why the forest, which is hundreds of years old, has to bite the dust.

The journalist Maria Luisa del Rio and Dr. John called the boss of the company Kessel in Lima. For two months, Diospi Suyana has been waiting for the delivery of the missing devices which they promised us. “We are hosting three journalists in our house — if you don’t fill the contract we will have to write articles about your company!” In the next days we will find out if Dr. Klaus’ clear words were successful.

All went well in Abancay. Jens Hassfeld and Tove Hohaus were able to get the three units of blood. The trip to Abancay over the almost 4000 meter high mountain was worth it.

In the afternoon they could finally start operating. The journalists are also there.

Suddenly, at 5:10 PM, a lady from the ministry of health enters the John’s house. “Would it be possible for us to use your chapel for a two-day conference?” “When do you want to have this conference”, asks Dr. Martina John.

“Tomorrow!” “How many people will participate?” “Well, we think there will be 60 participants!”

Whoever is not able to react spontaneously in Peru should leave the country right away!

In the evening, the journalists finally arrive back to the John’s house. After that, Dr. John had to pack his suitcase because he will travel to Lima tonight. Absolutely routine!

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