Jürgen Waltersbacher – Four Times the Problem Solver

Juergen Waltersbacher

A numerous amount of experience and know-how

Under the roof of the hospital he creeps along, critically reviewing every recess. Where no other human eye looks, he looks and analyzes three times.  Jürgen Waltersbacher, a project manager for major construction in commercial facilities, shares his profound knowledge with Diospi Suyana.  Over the past few days he has developed an action plan to solve problems in four areas: sound insulation, heat insulation, fire protection, and humidity control.  The hospital patients, administration, and those staying in the visitor apartments will benefit from his long-term proposals.

Teaser Juergen Waltersbacher
Project manager Jürgen Waltersbacher, serious and conscientious from head to toe.

His son, Jonas, currently is spending a year volunteering at the Diospi Suyana Colegio.  We are delighted that Jürgen Waltersbacher has also volunteered his services to help Diospi Suyana.  And of course, we say a very big “Thank You!”


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