Cheers in Curahuasi – Germany is World Champion

Siegerfoto Slider

Live on the big screen

This is history!  In 20 years everyone of them will remember where they were on July 13, 2014.  As Gotze put Germany up 1 – 0, all neighbors around Diospi Suyana school could hear the shout: “Goal!!!!”

Nach dem Tor

The goal has long been scored and there is still cheering in the gym.  In the center of the picture you can see continued scenes of celebration.  On the right, Dr. Jens Hassfeld (in a green shirt)  does a victory leap.  Following the game, some patriots organized the first motorcade in Curahuasi.

Tina und Susan
Dr. Susan Dressler (left) and Dr. Martina John (right) anxiously awaiting the last Argentina kick.
Ryan Morgeau
Ryan Morigeau wanted to make sure he was cheering for the winning team – come what may.
Leinwand Slider
The 15 foot screen in the gym of the Diospi Suyana School.
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