Janet Yachoua takes English understatement to the extreme

The banger on Sunday night – But don’t mention it!

English understatement is a form of understatement that is foreign to us Germans. Even great exploits are mentioned only in passing. The following dialogue is a compelling example.

KDJ: “Janet I hear you are going to translate the third book (Walking on Water) into English soon!”

Janet: “I have already completed the translation from my side. Now it’s the editor’s turn!”

KDJ: “What, I had no idea about that at all. That’s insane. How long did you sit on the project?”

Janet: “About nine months!” – The only thing missing was the comment, “But don’t mention it!” (Don’t make such a big deal about it)

Insiders will know that Janet Yachoua also translated the first two volumes (I Have Seen God, God Has Seen Us) into her native language. And that on a voluntary basis! An estimated 10,000 English books were printed thanks to her immense diligence. I think an audience with the Queen would be in order for this gigantic effort. Or at least attending a party at 10 Downing Street with Boris Johnson. /KDJ