It was a matter of life or death

In the parent school of the Colegios Diospi Suyana

Twice a year, the parents of our students push the hard school desk themselves. These two events are part of the mandatory program and focus on the training of fathers and mothers, respectively. Last Thursday, parents learned how to handle emergencies. What is actually an emergency? In addition, participants heard quite a bit about dental health and inner emotional balance.

In addition to the theory, for which Dr. Simon Then, Dr. Benjamin Zeier, dentist Hanna Tielmann, psychologist Marcela Quispe and nurse Rebecca Meininger were responsible, it was very much about practical exercises.

A successful evening that not only imparted knowledge, but was even fun.

The theme: Emergencias (Emergencies). In front are Rebecca Meininger and Dr. Benjamin Zeier.
Pediatrician Dr. Simon Then once again proved to be an expert in his field.
Dentist Dr. Hanna Tielmann: We want our students and parents to have good teeth. How do we achieve this lofty goal?
A long evening with interested parents
Dr. Benjamin Zeier is an experienced emergency physician. He knows how to do it.
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