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It is not the companies, but people like Daniela Bahr…

… who have made Diospi Suyana what it is

On Saturday in Braunfels‘ city-hall the “Kreativa” took place – an established Christmas market at which private individuals can sell their hand-made goods and where one finds great ideas and excellent bargains.  For the eighth time in a row Daniela Bahr had her stall at which she sold teddies and pot-cloths made in the piecing technique that her mother had sewn, the Christmas gingerbread biscuits that her nieces had baked and the many small items that Daniela herself had made – everything went like hot cakes.

Besides having her stall at the Kreativa the motivated lady wearing the green scarf, standing behind the table, had stalls at six Easter markets and raised a total of over €7,000 that she gave to Diospi Suyana.  Doubtless a fantastic idea.

It was her niece Noa who first told Daniela about Diospi Suyana and her brother, an experienced children’s surgeon, talked about Diospi Suyana on the podium of a world congress back in 2013.

A very cordial ”dankeschön“ to Daniela Bahr and her team of supporters.  Someone who promotes Diospi Suyana like Daniela simply must come to Curahuasi and see Diospi Suyana for him-/herself.  Perhaps after Christmas!

Since 2004 private individuals have raised 75% of the total amount of donations for Diospi Suyana; several companies have supported us with the remaining 25%.

The Diospi-Suyana-Calendar 2020.

For the first time ever the Diospi-Suyana-Calendar is available in three different languages (Spanish,German and English). If you want to order one or more copies please get in touch with our office. Karin Straßheim will quickly attend to your request. The price is $ 10 plus postal fees.  karin.strassheim@diospi-suyana.org ; Tel.: +49 6447 886498 ; Fax: +49 6442 943111

The city hall of Braunfels last weekend