It is about the life of a child

Red alert

A call from the local health clinic: “Little girl in danger of death!” Minutes later, an ambulance brings the 7-year-old. She probably accidentally swallowed poison at home, according to the mother’s statement. Immediately, she started convulsing and was unresponsive even at the health center.

Moments later, six doctors and several nurses are in the intensive care unit of Diospi Suyana Hospital. A cumulative collection of experience in critical care, anesthesia, and pediatrics. The child is on the ventilator and connected to the usual monitoring equipment.

Now it is necessary to react immediately and adequately to every physiological change in the young patient. Of course, at Mission Hospital we fight for every human life, but when it comes to children, all the staff are totally sensitized. /KDJ

When minutes decide. At the intensive care bed of the girl
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