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It is a secret none of our patients know

The hospital’s treasure is hidden in its rearmost room

Of course God is Lord over life and death, but medically speaking a chemical formula decides a patient’s fate: O2. If we succeed in pumping enough oxygen via the lungs into the body’ circulation the patient’s survival chances are favourable.

In the meantime Oebele de Haan has installed three oxygen generators into our machine room.  Tomorrow, assisted by Matthias Kügler, he will fully complete the task.  If everything goes according to plan we will be to pump 250 litres of oxygen a minute into a piping system that runs through different departments of the hospital as of this weekend.  That would be enough to keep 50 patients alive simultaneously. Currently we are trying to import further non-invasive ventilation machines from Germany.

Due to the current curfew very few patients have come the hospital during the last four weeks.  Last Friday a mere 21 crossed the hospital’s threshold.  Governmental webites state that Apurímac State has 32 infected persons.  We expect that number to cross the century figure within a week.  Then we will see that every day of preparation was a good day.

A big thank you to all staff who are working tirelessly in their fields of expertise.  Our motto now is: save as many lives as possible. /KDJ

Connecting the new compressor.