Is Roberto Ordoñez Really That Happy to Read?

Sider 500 Buecher fuer Konferenz

He ordered 500 books

Roberto Ordonez (second from right) is an entrepreneur, Colombian, and committed Christian. When he read in a magazine about Diospi Suyana in 2009, he decided to help.  For four and a half years he has supported the mission hospital with contracts, money, and donations of medicines.  In the fall of 2012 the book “Dios es visible” appeared on the Peruvian market.  It describes the history of Diospi Suyana as an experiential journey with God.  Of course, Roberto was one of the first readers.  After reading the book he wrote in an e-mail, “Through this book one can learn a great deal about faith.  I hope that it will motivate thousands of people!”

Yesterday the businessman bought 500 copies.  At a meeting of church leaders he wants to give it out as a gift to the participants.  That amount of books is worth over $2500 which he could use to take his family on vacation. Instead, he becomes a buyer of many printed products.  Roberto is obviously a man with a passion and deep conviction.

Actually, Roberto wanted to buy 800 books, but unfortunately, that amount was not currently available. But the publisher in the US will fire up the printing press again within the next few days.

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