Is this really Udo Klemenz’s last building report?

Today we are celebrating our big anniversary

Dear Friends of Diospi Suyana, dear readers of my building reports!  The day before the big anniversary celebration on which we celebrate 10 years of Diospi Suyana is the Peruvian National Holiday “Santa Rosa de Lima”.  Thus many colleagues have their hands free to help with the final preparations, as they do not have to deal with the usual patient-rush.

The Amphitheatre’s canopy roof was finished just in time.  The additional 500 chairs have been set out and musicians and sound-technicians are busy on- and off-stage. As all the new buildings are now presentable and can be inspected tomorrow by all interested visitors, we can look to tomorrow relatively relaxed.

Now I want to say farewell to all of you and thank you for all your interest taken in my building reports.  On 6th September my wife Barbara and I fly back to Germany.

I want to express my thanks again for the good cooperation with the architects Tina and Cornelius Linder and structural engineer Jürgen Engel, who live in Lauf a.d. Pegnitz and Mettingen respectively, the head of our workshop, Oebele de Haan, technicians, Marcus Rolli and André Bacher and all the other local colleagues who have done their best to bring all our building projects to a successful conclusion.

Kindest regards and God bless you for all your future plans, Udo

The Amphitheatre’s canopy roof is the Hospital’s new landmark
The roof looks like a massive shell covering.
The Amphitheatre on the morning of the big day.
The flags are having a practice-fly.
Everything is given a mirror finish.
The first two visitors in the new conference room.
A four-bed room.
The new doctors’ meeting room.
A visitors’ reception area with a view onto the garden.
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