Is There Really Anything New About Diospi Suyana?

Throughout time, people trusting in God, dared to do the impossible. Believing in God’s omnipotence, George Mueller (1805-1898) built orphanages in Bristol, William Booth (*1828) founded the Salvation Army and many well-known as well as numerous unknown people changed history with God being their reference point.

Diospi Suyana is not the first missionary hospital, that is being built by devote Christians and it certainly won’t be the last. Through the centuries, men and women have experienced that God is real and can intervene and change their life.

What is faith really? Is it a self-suggestive power or a reliable relationship to a faithful friend, namely God? Answering this question, is the true challenge of our life.

About 150 years ago, Adolf Krummacher described his relationship to God in his poem “Star upon which a look” as follows:

Without you, where would I find my strength and courage?

Without you, who would carry my burden, who?

Without you, soon my faith, hope and love would vanish.

You Lord, are everything.

In the language of the old Incas, Diospi Suyana means: We trust in God. And thus, Diospi Suyana’s history is a journey with God. From a human perspective, there is no guarantee for success. Our dream of building a 5-million-dollar modern hospital in the Peruvian Andes sounds crazy. But the third week of July 2006 was a major milestone: half of the work was done. Thousands of friends had donated $ 2.5 million in both financial and equipment donations.

We didn’t rely on governments or big organizations but on God. Is that sufficient? Is that really sufficient? You can find out by staying current with our progress via our website.

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