Interpretation of a picture

No sooner had the Bigalke family arrived at Lima Airport, they had their first picture taken on Peruvian soil. The photograph gives room to an interesting analysis.

1. There can be no doubt that the future Diospi Suyana school will be run with discipline and order. That’s what principal Christian Bigalke stands for.  

2. Even after a 22 hour journey the Bigalkes show no signs of exhaustion. They appear to be extremely resilient.  


3. The convoy is led by Verena Bigalke who also pushes two more bags in front of her than her husband. What does that tell us?


4. All of the important belongings of the Bigalke family fit into 14 pieces of luggage.  


5. The picture of the family’s move looks somewhat static. Taking a second picture an hour later would have been helpful to prove that those 4 trolleys did actually move on. 

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