Intensive care physician Dra Claudia Ramirez at the Hospital Diospi Suyana

Contacts in four countries made it possible

Intensive care physicians are sought for all over Peru.  In the midst of the pandemic these specialised doctors are in charge of the daily battles on the intensive care stations.  For almost four weeks now Dra Claudia Ramirez is part of our team.

Our Swiss surgeon Dr Lukas Steffen has a friend in Columbia.  That doctor spoke to Claudia a couple of months ago and told her about the Hospital Diospi Suyana.  The intensive care doctor hailing from Bogota – her mother lives in Houston, Texas – was immediately interested and sent an email to the hospital in Peru.  It was her wish to spend two periods of five months working at Diospi Suyana during the current crisis.  That means though that she will not receive a salary, but must raise the money for her living costs herself.

Now Professor Egbert Pravinkumar comes into the equation.  He works as a doctor at the famous MD Anderson Hospital in Houston and knows Claudia from a Christian home group.  He dug deep into his pockets and is paying Claudia her salary for ten months.

The above picture taken in front of the hospital’s entrance expresses our thanks to Claudia (standing behind the poster) and Prof. Pravinkumar.  This amazing development was made possible, because emails and phone-calls went back and forth between Switzerland, Columbia, USA and Peru.  And good will expresses itself practically in invested months of one’s life and financial generosity.  Simply fantastic! /KDJ

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