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Radio Diospi Suyana

Interior construction of the Media Centre

Step by step

Dear Friends of Diospi Suyana, last Saturday the necessary chiselling work resumed in order to install the access stairwell to the 2nd storey. Again we unfortunately came across power and IT-cables that we had to relay, which again entailed considerable chiselling work. Nevertheless I hope that we completed most of the rough work last Saturday and that we can start with the structural work of the concrete stairs. But either way these works will keep us occupied for the next while.

Since we have completed the plastering works, our two or three masons and their helpers can now focus their attention on the new operating theatres.

In the meantime we have slightly altered our supply ramp and have finished building the window opening in the adjoining field. We will only dismantle the ramp itself and close up the wall when we have definite access through the inner stairwell and when we are sure that no large materials need to be transported in.

The window constructor has taken the final measurements of the window-openings and by the middle of December he will have produced and put the windows in place. The screed works are progressing step by step and the decorator has applied the undercoat and the first coat of paint on the walls of the first three rooms.

The subcontractor is still tied up producing the rain gutters and pipes. Wishing you a blessed first of Advent weekend, Udo

Building the operating theatres with energy and gusto.
Looking down on the operating theatre building site.
The section of the wall next to the ramp is being closed up.
The screed is being applied in a further room.
The holes for the sewage pipes are being drilled with a core drill.