In dizzying heights

4 Blick in den 30 m hohen Turm

Curahuasi: Diospi Suyana’s Radio and TV-aerial tower is standing

Dear Diospi Friends, the work for the Hospital’s New Storey is progressing slowly, but steadily. Oxitec has finished laying the pipes for the medical gases and is no longer on site. In the first stage of construction all air ventilation ducts are in place, the wall breakthroughs are being plastered over and the outstanding ceilings have been filled. All these jobs are not very noticeable, but time-intense.

At our Aerial Tower Site we have taken a massive step forwards, notwithstanding difficult conditions. The mast is fixed and in place and the enclosing walling is nearing completion.  Our next project is the small hut in the compound, in which we will put all the necessary equipment.

Speak to you next week, best regards, Udo.

1 Jetzt sind alle Lueftungskanaele im ersten BA montiert
In the first stage of construction all air ventilation ducts are in place.
2 Die Mastmontage ist nichts fuer Angsthasen
Erecting the mast is nothing for scaredy cats.
3 Letzte Arbeiten vor der Fertigstellung
The final touches.
5 Die 3 m hohe Ummauerung waechst
The 3-metre high enclosing wall is growing.
6 Auch mit dem Geländewagen rutscht man auf dem schmierigen Untergrund mal in den Graben
The slippery surface at times causes our all-terrain vehicle to end up in the ditch.
7 Ein gefaehrlicher Schlafplatz
A dangerous place to sleep.
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