In a small supermarket

Waiting impatiently for day x

Saturday morning in Curahuasi.  I am just buying a couple of everyday things in a small supermarket: biscuits, two ice-creams, some chocolates… you can see I am on a healthy trip today!  While looking for further goodies on the shelves I hear groovy music coming from the shop’s radio.  Immediately I recognise Diospi Suyana’s frequency.

How many weeks will it be until all the important components for our five antennae will have arrived from Miami?  The supermarket in Curahuasi could be exemplary for countless shops in Puno, Puerto Maldonado, Uripa, Andahuaylas and in many other provinces.

On 31st August 2017 we will celebrate the Hospital Diospi Suyana’s tenth anniversary.  It would be a dream come true, if all five antennae would broadcast the programme live across South Peru

We will do everything in our power to make this dream become a reality.

The Australian Chris Welch is checking the GPS-data on a mountain in the Province Chincheros.  If you have an eagle’s eye you will be able to see Doris Manco in the car below!
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