The guesthouse is supposed to be ready in three weeks

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There is still a lot to do

Dear friends of Diospi Suyana and readers of the construction report. A lot has been happening on the construction site here in Lima. You can see that clearly in the photograph on the top. The rooflights over the dining area were enlarged and the windows replaced. Through that the livingroom on the inside  next to the dining hall is brighter. In the opposing little house, where the housekeepers shall live by february, you can see a bigger window on the upper floor, newly painted window frames, replaced window panes over the stairway and a rooftop over the dining room. This area used to be the laundry drying room in the past and didn’t have a roof.

In the guesthouse itself two new bathrooms were installed. The tiling work should be finished soon- just as in the house of the housekeepers- so that the sanitary facilities can be installed.

In the whole house the wooden window frames  were painted. That was really necessary, especially on the outside. The wooden floor on the ground level is finally finished. It took a little while before the carpenter was able to satisfy my expectations.

The plumber has prepared the other baths, so that they can be tiled and he is getting the laundry room ready. A sink, a laundry machine, a dryer and a big closet are supposed to go in here. To make that happen new pipes have to be put in.
So everything comes along. The garden is suffering under the whole action. But I am sure that with the proper care after the renovation it will flourish soon again!

God’s blessings for the upcoming week! Thank you for all prayers, Johannes

PS: Yesterday 9 beds, a seating area, chairs and tables were ordered. While shopping Dr. Martina John and her husband were sometimes of the same opinion.

Bad Kleiderschrank slider
Where the new bath is( right) there was the closet in the past (left).
Das Aussenholz wird neu lackiert
Painting the wood on the outside. 
nach wie vor wird gepickt
Still chiping away.
Das Bad ist fertig gefliest, der Raum davor ist aber noch nicht einzugsbereit
One bath is tiled.
Verkaeufer 2
The salesman is skeptical whether Dr. Martina John is paying attention to the 10% discount.
Tina auf Sofa
In the hunt for good bargains. The missions doctor in the 20th or 30th furniture store. Nobody counted.
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