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Always the same floppy hat…

… is seen working on projects here, there and everywhere

You can easely see him from a distance due to his height. Being a Dutchman, he normally wears red-orange-coloured clothes and, most importantly, he always wears a floppy hat. If it is his personal trademark or just sun-protection is an open question. Oebele de Haan could remain self-employed for 100 years, since he draws from a seemingly never-ending pool of all sorts of welding and handicraft ideas. The trained mechanic is a universal talent for everything that has to do with metal or mechanics.

His workplace covers the whole area of the hospital, i.e. 34,000m². His activity radius includes the combustion furnace as well as our car fleet. Being a specialist for metal staircases and cupboard systems he never has a dull moment. The hospital management has promised him that he can return to Frisia immediately the moment he no more tasks to complete. That could be in about half a century!

During this time he will see the sun at least once or twice. That is why the floppy hat is indispensable.

A new burner and a dust removal device are added to the combustion furnace.
The large storage facility was split over two storeys. This staircase connects the two floors.
An equipment cupboard for an aerial tower.
A new laundry storage has been set up under the roof.
The printer is important for the signposting on the hospital’s compound. But where is the floppy hat?