In a brewery in Mannheim


We’ll say cheers to this

Exactly 100 chairs have been put out.  As there are no more, all latecomers have to listen to the talk in a standing position, using the rear wall as a backrest. Location: Eichbaum Brewerg in Mannheim.  At the beginning of the talk I jestingly address the students of the Studentenmission Deutschland (the German equivalent of the Christian Union): “If you are still sober halfway through my presentation, then you only have to take my second book with you. Those of you stoned already have to buy part 1 as well!”  None of them will leave without a blood alcohol level under 0,3 per mill.

Transfixed 110 pairs of eyes stare at the screen following an unexplainable, fascinating journey around the world to Curahuasi, Peru.  Quality questions and thanks from many sides round off the evening.

One student said to me, “Dr. John, I heard a similar talk years ago about a newly founded hospital in Mexico, which was just as gripping as yours was tonight!” “I can well believe it,” I answer, “since it is the same God who is writing these stories!”

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