How to turn an empty container into a full one

If you should see any of the following people in the next few months then give him or her a good pat on the back: Armin and Karla Glauß, Max Schlager, Reinhold Rotacker, Andreas Eser, Rosemarie and Konrad Böttger, Olaf Böttger and Detlev Hofmann.


Men and women of action, they spent all of yesterday afternoon in a warehouse as container no. 28 waited at the door to be filled.


Olaf Böttger writes:

“DHL had supplied the container again, and this time we needed to start in the afternoon. With the onset of winter the truck arrived an hour late, although Wiesbaden had been spared the snowfall today, giving Detlev Hofmann time to develop a packing strategy. Sceptical as he is, he had greeted me with the news that he didn´t know how he was going to get it all in.

But again he exceeded himself so that every cubic yd of the container was made optimum use of – and everything fit in, giving a whole new meaning to the term “fitted kitchen”. In fact there were three kitchens to fit in and all kinds of other donations from surgical instruments to a new washing machine from Miele.”

The container ship is due to arrive in Lima/Callao shortly before Christmas. Getting it cleared by Customs will be a matter for 2011.

They sweat and lifted and pulled and pushed till it got dark. And if they haven´t gone home yet, they´ll be working in the warehouse now ….

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