How Does One Dispose of Garbage in the Andes?

Even in the Andes Mountains of Peru a certain quantity of rubbish is accumluted. What can we do with it?

Here in this country there are no waste disposal companies and so the general solution to the problem is that one dumps the garbage in a deep hole or a local crevice.

Even most hospitals in the state of Apurímac uses this method. However, Diospi Suyana is pleased to have a brand new incinerator from England. It was paid for in full by a donor in Baden Baden after hearing a presentation about the hospital. In further assistance, the British company gave a generous discount. Now the device resides in the hospital in Curahuasi. It can process up to 600kg of garbage, reducing it to the smallest quantity of ashes. This process will be particularly important in our management of the hospital’s infectious waste.

This incinerator is just another manner in which the hospital is helping to lead the way in modern technology here. Another way is in the environmentally friendly solar energy we produce to make hot water. Both are novelties in this Andean country.

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