How Did the Red Book Get on His Desk?

Thursday morning, three members of ADIFAN (Peru’s association of national pharmaceutical companies) visited the Diopsi Suyana Hospital. Luis Caballero, president of ADIFAN, as well as Carlos Silva and Eleutierio Munoz finally saw the hospital,  which they have been suporting with their generous donations. A presentation by Dr Klaus John was followed by a invitation for dinner at the home of the missionary doctors.

During the devotion the next morning, the missionary doctors thanked their guests from Lima for their support. Dr John pointed out that he considered their donation of medication in the amount of $50.000 a sign of God’s grace.

In his speech, Luis Caballero expressed that he hoped that one day, Diospi Suyana would found a similar hospital in another region of Peru.

He told the audience  that he had first learned about the missionary doctors through a photobook about Diospi Suyana, which, one morning was laying on his desk. To this day, he does not know how it got there or who put it there. 

Luis Caballero conveyed that he wants to bring his influence to bear in support of the hospital on a long-term basis. 

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