Hospital Namesakes

Last Sunday we (the Brady and Hassfeld families) once again witnessed the legendary Peruvian hospitality. Pastor Alberto and his wife, Maria, had invited the entire church to a party at their house. The reason for the festivities was the birth of their second child on the previous day.

Two years ago their first daughter, Ruth, had been born in the local health post after many birthing difficulties. Because of this, several of the staff from Diospi Suyana donated money so that the second baby could be delivered in the mission hospital. Dr Hassfeld’s (OB/GYN) and Guadalupe’s (midwife) success can be clearly seen in the photos. In honour of the successful outcome, the baby has been named Jens David. His mother’s happiness with the smoother delivery is also obvious. Dr Jens Hassfeld and Dr David Brady are naturally quite pleased with the new baby’s names as well!

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