Hilsenbeck company supports Diospi Suyana

And contributes to saving our planet

Martin Wörz is the managing director of Hilsenbeck, a company that produces high-quality textiles. The company is located in Laichingen, Baden-Württemberg and has a long tradition. It was not a hundred years ago when the poor peasants of the village were still weaving linen on their looms.

Now the company has dug deep into its pockets and supported Diospi Suyana with soap wipes as well as surgical wipes. The value of the donation in kind is around € 6,000. As the price of paper towels in Peru has risen to astronomical heights in recent months, Tobias Lächele timidly knocked on Hilsenbeck’s door. After all, our medical technician saw the light of day in Laichingen. The result is completely convincing.

The surgical wipes and 10,000 soap wipes can be used over and over again. We’re talking about effectively relieving the hospital budget and saving a tree or two in the rainforest.

First Martin Wörz, who incidentally outed himself as a convinced Christian, donated the towels. Then he pushed the textiles for the operating rooms. He explained his generous attitude as follows:

The sausage saleswoman asks: How much would you like? And: “Can I have a little more?” (Caption above: Michael Wörz and his wife Petra)

Donna Irma, manager of the hospital laundry, is delighted with this meaningful donation.
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