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Highest praise for Olga Koop

Our general surgeon is a doctor with passion

Dr Olga Koop (right in the picture) and her assistant Angela (left), hailing from Lima, currently form a power-team in the missionary hospital.  The pair shuttle between the operating theatres, the hospital ward and the consulting rooms in the outpatient department.  For the past few years the abdominal surgeon worked as a senior doctor in Bielefeld.  Now she is applying what she has learnt in order to be a blessing to our patients.

Despite two-thirds of the licensed physicians in Germany being women, they constitute only 18% of the total number of surgeons.  Olga is one of them.  The lady with the warm aura and the golden hands has already found her place at Diospi Suyana.  She is a top-casting.  She could well have used the next few years working in Germany and climbing up the career ladder.  She passed her thesis and her final university examination with straight As, the best grades possible.  But the devout Christian saw her calling at the Hospital Diospi Suyana.  We are truly thankful that our talented colleague is working with us and wish her God’s blessing day and night.