Highest Award for Diospi Suyana

It was a festive setting at the “Hotel de Turistas. Yesterday’s gala event in the capital of the “Departamento Apurimac” was held for 25 people and institutions who gave their support to the the public good of the Apurimac. More than 150 invited guests as well as press and television made the ceremony an unforgettable event.

In his brief acceptance speech Dr Klaus John once more pointed out the two goals of the missionary hospital: “We want to serve the Peruvian people, especially the Quechua Indians and honor God with our work.”

Diospi Suyana has become more than just an idea of two missionary doctors. The organization now has more than 21 full members and 450 sustaining members. A team of extremely motivated staff members, especially President Olaf Böttger and Anette Bauscher from the Diospi Suyana office, make decisive contributions to the success of the undertaking.

Without the support of the many Diospi-Suyana enthusiasts the first buildings would not be here standing on the hospital site. We, the members of Diospi Suyana are convinced, that without God’s blessing the hospital would be impossible for humans alone to complete.

Photo 1: The prize.

Photo 2: Dr John giving his acceptance speech.

Photo 3: Engraving on the prize.

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