High-risk patient infected with Covid-19 survives at the Hospital Diospi Suyana

After 24 days the battle was won

When Don Miguel was admitted to the Hospital Diospi Suyana on 12th August he was suffering from acute shortness of breath with his survival chances near zero.  He was not only suffering from a heavy corona-lung-infection on both lungs, but also had half a dozen other factors that were not in his favour:

  1. Upon admittance the diabetic’s sugar level was 815 mg/dl (100 mg/dl is normal).  He was somnolent, i.e. barely responsive.
  2. The ECG showed atrial fibrillation.
  3. The heart-echo showed a severely reduced ejection performance of the left ventricle that showed an acute cardiac insufficiency.
  4. Being overweight (125kg) is a significant risk-factor for Covid-patients.
  5. His age (67 years old) put him firmly into the higher-mortality-risk age-bracket.
  6. Furthermore, men have lower survival chances than women.

Despite this “not ideal prognosis” our doctors and nurses did not give up.  Yesterday Don Miguel was admitted home.  Thanks to our staff’s brave efforts and God’s grace he did not become a victim of merciless statistics.  We express our deepest appreciation to everyone who helped and cared for this father of six children.  Now it is time for a “thumbs up” and a prayer of thanks./KDJ (Above picture caption: nurse Ada rejoices with her patient).

The Patient’s x-ray shows a severe lung infection caused by the Corona-virus.
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