High-end ultrasound device has been unloaded and is already in use

The small boy is the first patient to lie under the sensor

Despite the fact that the Custom Officials had sent the container on its way in quite a mess after their investigation the expensive device now stands safe and sound in its designated place in the hospital.  X-ray expert John Lentink loves using this top-quality machine.  With it one can determine with very high accuracy the functioning of the heart, lungs and blood vessels.

An eight-year-old boy is lying on the stretcher.  Having had a severe accident and several preliminary operations the doctors at the missionary hospital want to evaluate the blood flowing through of his right leg. Using the device John is able to answer the question within seconds.

However, quality comes with a price tag.  So how was it possible to be able to buy such high-tech equipment?  The company KMT Külzer Medizintechnik GmbH reduced the bill’s amount substantially.  Both the Antonia-Ruut-Stiftung based in Trier and the Bauder Stiftung in Stuttgart each footed a third of the bill respectably.  Many private donors enabled Diospi Suyana to raise the funds for the remaining third.  The result will be a great blessing for thousands of Peruvians.

We are delighted that our Hospital Diospi Suyana can work with most modern technology and thank all our friends across the world.

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