Do you have a spider phobia?


Then please do not read more

This black spider is very common in Curahuasi. It has a noble appearance of red- black color, but it is highly toxic. Everyone takes around her. Unfortunately in houses and the outdoors spiders of any kind can be dangerousness. When Maria Caceres (name changed) was bitten by a spider two weeks ago, she gave the matter no attention at first. Although it did hurt a lot, the people in the mountains of Peru are tough.

Spinnenbis Nekrosen
Left, the tissue over a large area (length ~ 10 cm) is dead. Right to recognize the bite site.

But her calf was changing rapidly. Maria began to limp. Finally, on a recommendation of a friend she sought help in the hospital Diospi Suyana .

The venom of the spider had killed skin and muscle tissue. The day before yesterday she was operated on by Dr. Annette Hair and Dr. Reinhard Kühn. The surgeons did the right thing and cut away all the dead tissue from the leg.

The wound will take weeks to heal. A vacuum system helps to speed up this process.

Spinnenbiss nach Operation
The dead tissue is cut out. The wound is treated with a vacuum system.


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