A very narrow escape


In spite of a dramatic x-ray no operation is needed!

A middle-aged patient in great need came to Dr. Ilse Schütze during her consultation hours.  The diagnosis: a drum belly (Trommelbauch).  The belly was so inflated, that it a mere hand could not compress it. The patient said he had no defecation since 2 weeks.  Visiting-surgeon Samuel DeJesus, from the US, studied the x-ray musingly (nachdenktich – kleiner Schreibfehler im Deutschen – danke, dass Du meine im Englischen korrigierst!). The most probable reason was a Volvulus: a twisted intestinal loop.  An operation seemed to be unavoidable.

The doctor wanted to give the man a “conservative” chance and performed a colonoscopy.  Its success followed almost immediately.  All the pent-up air and an impressive amount of excrement emptied themselves out of the large intestine.  Assistant-doctor Michael Kühling needed quite a while to clean up the room.

On the following day a slim and thankful patient stood next to the internist.  His belly was flat, as if nothing had happened.  No wonder that the patient was beaming.

The patient stands next to Dr. Ilse Schütze. He can hardly believe his luck. Understandably, he had expected a major operation.
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