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Radio Diospi Suyana

Good news from Puerto Maldonado and Puno

The result of sweat and effort

Yesterday Diospi Suyana received the final outstanding license for our transmitting station in Puno from the Ministry of Communications.  Through our aerial tower located near Lake Titicaca we will be able to reach up to 0.3mio new potential listeners.  Our radio signal can then also be received in some parts of Bolivia.

In Puerto Maldonado, the county’s capital, Chris Welch, Oebele de Haan and Jesaja Dávalos have made an excellent job of it.  Three things caused several devices to stop functioning: lightning, the tropical weather and a strong ant invasion.  But now we are back on air.  A driver had to bring one spare part to Puerto Maldonado via the city of Juliaca: a detour of 15 hours caused by a landslide that covered the main road between Cusco and Southern Peru.

Ants making themselves feel at home in a switchboard.

Oebele de Haan and Jesaja Dávalos have installed an electric fence.  It also functions as a further defence against burglars.  He who sweats so much that he needs to change his shirts more than twice a day knows what he has accomplished at the end of the day.  An exemplary effort of our three friends!

A further measure acting as an overvoltage protection during lightning.
Oebele and Jesaja, our two experts for electric fences, ensuring they drink enough water during the day.
Defence against villians.
Our aerial towers are protected by the following measures: walls, barbed wire, electric fences, alarms, CCTV and regular visits by local inhabitants.