Guesswork around Prigozhin and Udo Klemenz

A motorcyclist claims to have seen the engineer in Curahuasi

No one can say with absolute certainty whether Prigozhin did not find shelter in Africa. The rumor mill is boiling over in Russia and in the Western world. Since yesterday evening there is also a lot of speculation about the whereabouts of Udo Klemenz. He was reportedly greeted by passersby while still near Wetzlar, Germany on Friday morning. Now the driver of a red and black motorcycle claims to have observed the legendary civil engineer at close range while crossing the main street of Curahuasi.

Diospi Suyana will investigate these rumors with the utmost care. If the young man’s statement was confirmed, Klemenz would certainly have traveled to southern Peru on a secret mission. We will continue to report on this incident on this website. /KDJ

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