Getting the electricity connection for the transmitting station is the next hurdle

No easy task

A dentist who worked at the Hospital Diospi Suyana years ago once commented: “Every project is a long hurdle race in Peru!” One could say he hit the nail on the head, since every step demands patience and sweat.

The transmitting station has been built and in theory we could delight the inhabitants of the City of Abancay with our radio programme in a few weeks.  But first of all electricity wires have to be laid to the site from somewhere or other.  Two days ago a small delegation from the State Electric Company came to get an overview of the situation for themselves.  Now again we have to wait, hope and pray.

In Peru it is a well-known fact that: “Everyone can be extremely quick in Peru, if it is too late!”  Fortunately, we have not reached this juncture yet and perhaps together with the Elektro Sur technicians we can prove this saying wrong.

Looking into the 40m high tower.
The tower in the midday sun.
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