Wanted! Everywhere and around the clock


Oebele de Haan

Oebele comes from Friesland in Holland and speaks Frisian, Dutch, German, English and Spanish.  He spent nine years at sea on Mercy Ships – he met his wife Debora on the floating hospital ship.  They have three children and are currently serving their second term in Diospi Suyana.

There are nine-to-five jobs and midnight-to-midnight jobs.  Oebele has chosen the latter.  Late at night he checks the hospital’s central pressure and ventilation systems.  At 5 a.m. he tests the emergency power generator.  During the day he can be found repairing the lift or working near the incinerator.  He has developed a lift for the administration, a crane which can shift heavy loads and welded several emergency exits.   At other times he replaces engines and repairs our unimogs’ brakes.  One would not go far wrong, if one thought that his slogan was: “non-stop”.

In 2 years the de Haan’s second term in Curahuasi will end.  Will they jump ship again to face gale-force 10 winds? We hope not!  It would be better they stayed landlubbers in the south Peruvian mountains until 2025.


Tiptoes through the hospital’s corridors at 10 p.m.
His head vanishes into the lift shaft.
Develops highly efficient cranes.
At the incinerator.
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